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Major Biotechnology Associations around the Globe: Genetic diagnosis involves the process of testing for suspected genetic defects before administering treatment through genetic testing.

Aim global business presentation 2015 form

The aim of a World Register of Marine Species WoRMS is to provide an authoritative and comprehensive list of names of marine organisms, including information on synonymy.

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While the highest priority goes to valid names, other names in use are included so that this register can serve as a guide to interpret taxonomic literature. The content of WoRMS is controlled by taxonomic and thematic experts, not by database managers.

WoRMS has an editorial management system where each taxonomic group is represented by an expert who has the authority over the content, and is responsible for controlling the quality of the information.

Each of these main taxonomic editors can invite several specialists of smaller groups within their area of responsibility to join them. A list of marine species registers included in Aphia is available here. WoRMS combines information from Aphia with other authoritative marine species lists which are maintained by others e.


AlgaeBaseFishBasethe so-called 'externally hosted and managed species databases'. Resources to build MarineSpecies. Aphia contains valid species names, synonyms and vernacular names, and extra information such as literature and biogeographic data.

aim global business presentation 2015 form

Besides species names, Aphia also contains the higher classification in which each scientific name is linked to its parent taxon. Its aim is to aid data management, rather than suggest any taxonomic or phylogenetic opinion on species relationships. Keeping WoRMS up-to-date is a continuous process.

New information is entered daily by the taxonomic editors and by the members of our data management team. Often data also come in from contributions of large datasets, such as global or regional species lists.

No database of this size is without errors and omissions. Feedback is very welcome! The Aphia platform is an infrastructure designed to capture taxonomic and related data and information, and includes an online editing environment.

It is the core platform that underpins the World Register of Marine Species WoRMS and all its related global, regional and thematic species databases, but it also allows the storage of non-marine data.

WoRMS - World Register of Marine Species

Content-wise, the Aphia structure can roughly be divided into 10 modules: Almost all information available in Aphia is backed up with a source.

This serves a double purpose: The system not only allows the storage of accepted and unaccepted names, but it also documents the relationship between names. This makes it a very powerful tool for taxonomic quality control, and also allows the linking of different pieces of information through scientific names, both within the Aphia platform and in relation to externally hosted databases.

Through the use of LSIDs, Aphia - and thus WoRMS - have become an important player in the field of marine biodiversity informatics, allowing interactions between its own taxonomic data and e. Three main categories of Species Databases can be distinguished in Aphia, based on the use of a context: All these different Species Databases within Aphia are governed on 3 different levels.

The use of so-called 'contexts' is unique to Aphia. These contexts allow an easy management of specific content and form the backbone for the creation of distinct portals, through which editors can maintain their taxonomic, thematic or regional register.

The advantage of these contexts is that all information only needs to be added once to the database: In RSDs, taxa are grouped based on their known geographic occurrence and TSDs group taxa based on a particular characteristic. The reasons for migrating a Register can be multiple, but mostly relates to the need of a permanent host institute and continuous support by a Data Management Team to protect the data from being lost for the scientific community.


These kind of actions require thorough planning and the design of a future management plan in close collaboration with the original manager and host institute. The concept behind LifeWatch was developed in the s and early s, with the support of EU Networks of Excellence related to biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.

Belgium contributes to LifeWatch with varied and complementary "in-kind" contributions. These are implemented under the form of long lasting projects by different research centers and universities spread over the country and supported by each respective political authority.The following is a list of events affecting American television in Events listed include television show debuts, finales, and cancellations; channel launches, closures, and rebrandings; stations changing or adding their network affiliations; and information about controversies and carriage disputes.

aim global business presentation 2015 form

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