An analysis of the experiment on naphthalenes freezing point

Oxidation can also be effected using conventional stoichiometric chromate or permanganate reagents. Production[ edit ] Most naphthalene is derived from coal tar. From the s until the s, significant amounts of naphthalene were also produced from heavy petroleum fractions during petroleum refiningbut today petroleum-derived naphthalene represents only a minor component of naphthalene production. Naphthalene is the most abundant single component of coal tar.

An analysis of the experiment on naphthalenes freezing point

Slightly toxic, flammable C. Experimental Procedure The first part of the experiment is the recrystallization of impure acetanilide. Of that sample, 0. The remainder will be weighed and placed into a mL Erlenmeyer flask with 50 mL of water and several boiling stones.

The mixture is to be heated until the acetanilide dissolves.


The heat will then be taken away and 25 mL of cold water and about 2. The mixture will then be brought to a boil and boiled gently for one to two minutes. The solution should be boiled for another five minutes and this process can be repeated until the blue color is completely removed.

The solution should then be filtered through a fluted filter into a warmed mL Erlenmeyer flask. The original Erlenmeyer and filter paper will then be rinsed with an additional 10 mL of hot water.

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The mL Erlenmeyer flask with the mixture is then to be cooled in an ice bath. The crystals will then be collected using vacuum filtration and a Buchner funnel. The crystals are then to air-dry on a watch glass for several days. Then the weights and melting points of the purified and impure samples will be determined using a Mel-Temp apparatus.

The second part of the experiment is melting point determination. Two melting point capillaries with samples of pure naphthalene will be tested with a Mel-Temp device to determine their melting point.

An unknown will then be distributed.

An analysis of the experiment on naphthalenes freezing point

To determine the identity of the unknown, the two known compounds with similar melting points will be obtained and be made into mixtures of equal amounts of unknown and known compound.

The melting range of these mixtures will be determined to find the identity of the compound.

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The last part of the experiment is the recrystallization of trans-1,2-dibenzoylethylene. First, a sample of 50 mg of impure trans-1,2-dibenzoylethylene is to be obtained.

The sample will then be transferred to a Craig tube. The mixture will be heated in a hot sand bath until the solvent begins to boil.

Cryoscopic determination of molecular weight

At this time, additional ethanol will be adding dropwise until the solid completely dissolves. Then, the Craig tube is to be removed from the heat and allowed to slowly cool to room temperature.

An analysis of the experiment on naphthalenes freezing point

Once it is room temperature, the Craig tube will cool in an ice bath and then placed in a centrifuge to collect the crystals. The crystals are to then air dry, and the starting and ending weights are to be measured. Experiment and Results A. Data First, a 2. The impure acetanilide was a greyish, brownish, flakey powder.The freezing point of an aviation fuel is the lowest temperature at which the fuel remains free of solid hydrocarbon crystals.

These crystals can restrict the flow of fuel through the fuel system of the aircraft. The melting point for the unknown mixed with m-toluic acid was ºC, while the melting point for the unknown mixed with resorcinol was ºC.

For the third part of the experiment, a g sample of impure trans -1,2-dibenzoylethylene was obtained an put into a Craig tube along with mL of 95% ethanol and a wood boiling stick. Real-time analysis for Pollution Prevention Analytical methodologies need to be further developed to allow for real-time, in- process monitoring and control prior to the formation of hazardous substances.

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using the fundamentals of freezing point . § since the freezing point is lowered the observed freezing point of this solution will be § CC=C Calculate the molar mass of a solution from Kf, freezing point of pure solvent, and other given information.

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