An analysis of the issues on the workers of wal mart in china

Altogether, some 5, lawsuits are filed against Wal-Mart each yearor roughly 17 suits per working day.

An analysis of the issues on the workers of wal mart in china


As a result, Walmart workers in China are in much the same legal position relative to their employer as non-union employees in the United States or elsewhere, Han says. This created anger among Communist Party officials, and in Party boss Hu Jintao ordered the unionization of many foreign-owned companies in China, including Walmart.

But the creation of Walmart workers unions on a store-by-store basis was more of a bureaucratic process than a U.

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Typically, Walmart managers receive a notice from ACTFU that the store is being unionized, and the process is rapidly completed with an exchange of paperwork, according to Han. Union officers are usually chosen from among store managers — sometimes there are elections, but often there are not.

Instead of union dues paid by the workers, Walmart makes a payment to ACTFU equal to two percent of the store payroll, as is common practice for foreign companies with unionized operations in China, Han says.

And there is no publicly available collective bargaining agreement that governs wages and working conditions: Instead, each individual worker is provided a contract labor document that specifies the wages.

The firm is currently representing more than Walmart workers in disputes with company, he told attendees at the Shanker Institute conference. Union leaders are part of management. China Labour Bulletin reported last year on a large number of illegal or improper Walmart dismissals, Han adds.

In one high-profile incident, a Walmart store in the city of Chengde was closed abruptly, prompting public protests from the displaced workers. The protests ended only when picketers were carried off by the local police.

Walmart quietly agreed to arbitrate the wage complaints of the fired workers. Labor activists are hopeful that the Chengde strike is a sign that local ACTFU officials are becoming more responsive to the day-to-day concerns of Walmart workers.

Han reports there is a rising tide of rank-and-file worker activism in varied industries throughout China a topic Michelle Chen wrote about for Working In These Times last yearand Walmart employees have the potential to benefit.

An analysis of the issues on the workers of wal mart in china

Nelson Lichtenstein, a labor historian and author of the influential book The Retail Revolution: He noted that Walmart has only about stores in China, even though it has been active in the county for almost 20 years. That compares to 4, stores in the United States, and 11, worldwide, according to the official Walmart website.

The situation remains muddy for outsiders, Lichtenstein admits, as Walmart continues to close stores in China, but at the same time announces plans for more by the end of The company has an enormous interest in depressing labor costs throughout the Chinese economy, he says.

The company uses low-cost plants with poor working conditions, competing them off one another. The downward pressure of this dynamic on China's labor standards is probably greater than the impact of Wal-Mart's retail stores.

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More by Bruce Vail.wal-mart in china () Introduction: Wal-Mart, being a reputable brand all over the world and especially in the United States is engaged in operating retail and super markets that include discount warehouse, grocery stores, and various mixtures of merchandise stores.

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Jan 30,  · Wal-Mart China contributes only around 2% to the company's overall revenues, which is surprising considering that China is one of the fastest growing retail markets in the world.

Wal-Mart’s bargaining power with suppliers should have some advantages. but in China, the bargaining advantage under the competition of the local supermarkets, such as.

We assume that Wal-Mart exports to China Wal-Mart were a constant share of total U.S. exports to China in this period.

An analysis of the issues on the workers of wal mart in china

This is clearly an upper bound on total Wal-Mart exports to China because it assumes that all Wal-Mart imports into China originated in the United States, which is highly unlikely.

Discuss ethical issues facing Wal-Mart dealing with, 'off-the-clock-work', sexual discrimination, health benefits, the role of unions, the use of undocumented workers, as well as issues . Wal-Mart had (Trust-Mart Hypermarkets ) retail stores in China as of October 31, , Today, this number continues to grow.

Given the massive scale of Wal-Mart's operations in China, the limited number of factory investigations that CLW is able to conduct in a single year is particularly striking.

Wal-Mart Standards Fail, Workers Suffer