Assignment of mkt

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Assignment of mkt

In order to understand this concept clearly MC Donald case study is discussed in the report. McDonald is a company that is operating a restaurant chain across the globe. In this report, an attempt is made to understand the marketing efforts of company.

In respect to this, marketing concepts like market segmentation and targeting are discussed in detail. Apart from this, marketing environment is also discussed in detail in order to understand the way in which they affect marketing decisions of the firm. After this, marketing mix is described in detail and for different segments, distinct marketing mix is proposed.

At the end of the report, difference between consumer and business marketing is described in detail. Along with this, domestic marketing is also differentiated from international marketing.

Without proper marketing, a product cannot be sold in the market even if it has good features. Some of the elements of marketing principles are as follows: Integrated marketing- It is a way of marketing in which several channels of communication are used by the firm.

This concept states that message delivered through several channels of communication must go in the same direction.

Assignment of mkt

If all messages will communicate in different directions then it will not put a positive impact on people. McDonald is following this concept and under different channels of communication, it conveys the same message.

In such messages, it makes an attempt to make people aware about its product and to feel positive with regard to same Cravens and Piercy, Marketing audit- In this, firm measures the effectiveness of its marketing efforts.

McDonald in this regard collects data from all its restaurants and identity restaurants where more people visit for meal or dinner. Moreover, by doing data analysis, it also identifies the areas in which specific products of McDonald are mostly consumed.

By doing this, company gets information which can be used for advertising a product. Further, these are tally with available opportunities and threats that are prevalent in the market. By matching with each other, McDonald identifies the areas where it needs to make improvements.

Assignment of mkt

Marketing objectives- McDonald prepares objectives in order to measure the effectiveness of strategy Hollensen, These objectives are divided into small targets in order to ensure that major objective will be achieved on time.

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2, Marketing research-McDonald is conducting marketing research time to time in order to track changes in consumer behavior. It adopts this practice earlier and by doing this research, it also identifies possible changes that can occur and influence that these changes have on the people willingness to buy (Wilson and Gilligan, )/5().

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