Bad influences of the internet

Cartoons will do wonders for your imagination, but not do much for humor, knowledge or social ability. Whodunnit programs may leave you paranoid. Is Barbie doll a bad influence? Because of the stereotype of having a perfect body is not reflective of real humans and girls would get the perception that every woman should look like a Barbie Doll which to achieve that look leads to disorders such an anorexia.

Bad influences of the internet

Good and bad sides of the Internet as it relates to children

Over the years, cases in relation to negative transformation of human behaviors, where people are becoming emotionally depress, horrified, vulnerable, addicted through the internet has become a serious problem for many people around the world, including us.

Internet gaming is one of the most common problem of which many people around the globe are facing in their daily lives. Addiction, one of the serious problems with internet gaming have caused severe changes to their behavior and attitude to life.

Majority of teenagers and young people, who enjoys playing games are having trouble controlling them to limit the time of gaming. Therefore, the addiction of internet gaming will surely affect the behavior of all those who are being controlled by games not the other way around.

Through social networking, many people are experiencing the negative transformation of human behavior, in which depression is a common and severe behavior disorder. Cyber bullying is one of the most common situations that many people are experiencing through social networking, such as Facebook, Bebo, Twitter and much more.

Many cyber chats, although good for online communication however also has the potentials to cause emotional distress. Through social networking, online reputations are being humiliated through verbal communications or offensive images that are being posted up onto social networking sites, such as Facebook.

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Thus shows that social networking can have a severe impact on many of our lives through what we say or post online. In relation to privacy, social networking and many other genres of the internet are one of the main and easiest places to track down people, many naive victims, posts up their details on their profile, making it easy to enable stalkers or strangers to have advantage of virtually meeting you.

This problem has caused many families to live in fear, not knowing how vulnerable they are to the outside world, where they could possibly be kidnapped without anyone knowing who the kidnappers are and more.

Stalkers, pedophiles and many more are some of the people that all victims have to face when they are involved in social networking. North into hell, itself, fear of staying in the house alone, after once being raped by an anonymous person, receiving abuse and harassing text messages and much more.

With this great fear, she had to resign her position while the stalker was still out there. This highlight the risks of exposing yourself through the internet, exposing too much over the internet, could lead to stalking, death and harassments, these all causes severe transformation of human behavior, from a normal jolly worker, into a horrified, vulnerable and depressed unemployed person, living in the house, not knowing what could happen to them.

Internet itself is not capable of making human depression or any other emotionally distressed. Choose Type of service.Not necessarily a bad influence, But is definitely not a good one either. Being a teenager myself, I have witnessed multiple of my friends try and back up .

Sep 08,  · The Internet and the Web constitute the technological infrastructure of the global network society, and the understanding of their logic is a key field of Manuel Castells. Internet Addiction Disorder.

Not necessarily a bad influence, But is definitely not a good one either.

The biggest negative impact of Internet is the ‘Internet Addiction Disorder’. Well, since the researches about this Internet disease are still going on, so .

One important impact of the Internet to the younger generation is that it has changed the way they communicate. Instead of hanging out with friends, teenagers had showed a trend that they would rather stay at home and chat with each other. Influence of the Internet on Teenagers Words | 8 Pages.

Every person goes through the period of being a teenager which is years. This period is often characterized by unstable emotional state and even psychological stresses.

THE BAD INFLUENCES OF THE INTERNET The ‘Internet’ is one of the most used search tool on the earth, used by majority of the world’s population for research, communication, conveniences, entertainment and much more.

Bad influences of the internet
The influence of the Internet on our younger generation. | Lang For learning foreign languages