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Lead students in a discussion about what they know or do not know about the Supreme Court. What is the role of the Supreme Court? When does the Supreme Court convene?

City section of a newspaper

Preliminary actions[ edit ] A preliminary action took place when The Newspaper Guild went on strike against the Daily News just after midnight on November 1, Guild vice president Thomas J.

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Murphy indicated that the Daily News had been singled out as the union's first target "because there we have had more aggravation, more agitation, more issues, more disputes and more anti-unionism from management.

Brown and Stephen Schlossbergattempted to help both sides reach agreement on December 6, with "the public interest" cited as justifying federal intervention.

The New York Review of Books was created during the strike, issuing its first copies on February 21,with circulation reaching 75, during the strike, before retreating to between 50, and 60, following the strike.

The Brooklyn Eagle saw circulation grow from 50, tobefore shrinking tobefore it was hit with a deliverers' strike on June 27, Kheel noted that the contracts for all ten newspaper unions would expire on the same date inemphasizing the importance of addressing the festering labor issues.

As of September 30,circulation of six daily New York papers was down Kennedy assassination in November helped bring readers back to newspapers.

The Mirror's management blamed the closure on the effects of the strike aggravating existing problems at the paper.Serving the Camellia City since Greenville, Alabama.

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The City of Bellevue's Public Works Department and Papillion Sanitation would like to remind Bellevue residents that under the new Solid Waste Program, the yard .

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City section of a newspaper

Regular features include 36 Hours, The Frugal Traveler and Stephanie Rosenbloom's column, The Getaway. The city has long.

City section of a newspaper

The cure for the newspaper industry’s ills was once thought to be a “hyper-local” focus, but that’s not proving to be the salve for New York City, which is suffering an . Salt Lake City news and Utah news, sports, entertainment, weather, breaking news, movies, real estate from the online home of the Deseret News.

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