Essays on the economy of the old northwest

Business class, Airbus A Measured by international traffic, Emirates is now the largest airline in the world.

Essays on the economy of the old northwest

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and the most popular soccer club in the world is Manchester United. Some of the ways the club has influenced the local and regional economy are through networking, the economic impact of the supporters, employment, real estate, multiplier effects, and marketing of the city.

First and foremost, there is most definitely an economic impact as a result of networking and suppliers. The development effect is limited to the income that is spent again in the local economy, the income multiplier.

The second model Figure 2 embodies the situation in which the club has relations with other local companies like suppliers, subcontractors, and others, where the club is the heart of the economical development. The given companies depend very much on the club. The last model Figure 3 describes a network that does not exclusively depend on the soccer club.

This is the case with the sponsor and merchandising network of Manchester United. Although the sponsor and merchandising networks are mostly situated on a national level, some of these companies can have an impact on the local scale. There are supporters clubs all over the world because of their popularity.

Supporters have an economical impact on the regional and local economy because of what they spend on transport, drinks, food, etc. We have to take into account that the soccer related expenses by local supporters are not an extra input for the local economy.

A very limited number of seats are reserved for the supporters of the opposing team. There were 68, seats in Old Trafford in and around 40 matches a year. Hotels are almost always full on the day of games.

The direct employment by the club also has an economical impact, which is magnified by the income multiplier. The players may also influence the real estate market quite a bit; players often invest in residential developments and other real estate operations.

It is assumed that the presence of soccer players in a neighborhood can add to the attraction of that neighborhood. Some real estate agencies even try to attract soccer players to luxurious neighborhoods just so that they can attract other wealthy people.

Marketing of the city is a very important tool when it comes to this. The question is which role sports, and more specifically soccer clubs like Manchester United, can play here. Entertainment is playing a bigger and bigger role in society as the years go by. So, how does the government view Manchester United in this matter?

The government acknowledges the important role Manchester United plays as a catalyst for marketing of the city. They regard Manchester United mainly as a publicity channel for the region to attempt to attract tourists, as well as companies to the region.

Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council also uses the presence of Manchester United to further develop the area around the club. The role of Manchester United in attracting businesses is very significant.

The club can attract businesses itself but can only do this for businesses that benefit from the actual matches taking place, such as pubs and hotels. On the other hand, the club functions as a publicity channel for the region.Free spanish papers, essays, and research papers. Anarchist Barcelona: The Spanish Civil War - “What so few of us knew outside of Spain, however, was that the ‘Spanish Civil War’ was in fact a sweeping social revolution by millions of workers and peasants to reconstruct Spanish society along revolutionary lines” (Dolgoff xii).

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Sep 02,  · In , at the height of its success, Russell employed 7, of the town’s 15, residents. But the company soon faced competitors that undercut its prices. Essays on the Economy of the Old Northwest Edited by David C. Klingaman and Richard K.

Essays on the economy of the old northwest

Vedder In , the same year that the U.S. Constitution was formulated, the five states of the Northwest Territory were unsettled frontier land.

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