Grade 2 social studies lesson plan

The culminating project will be a student created DVD. Students will select a role such as a journalist, history detective, or author and will record their reflections through genres such as poetry, interviews, stories, and plays.

Grade 2 social studies lesson plan

History Debate Debating an historical event can help students clarify their understanding of a topic, support their opinions and understand other views of current events.

Lesson 2 | 2nd Grade Social Studies

Debates encourage interactions and socialization in the classroom. We've provided some guidelines and a worksheet to hold a formal debate as well as tips for more informal discussions.

Implementation Suggestions Schedule Recommendation Use social studies videos and additional resources at any point during the lesson sequence: They are great for bellwork or "Do Now"s. At the beginning of the school year, review the videos to see where they match with your sequential curriculum and make sure that you don't miss a Flocabulary video!

Preview the Unit Before you begin a new unit, ask students to watch the Flocabulary video. This will give students familiarity with key people, terms and dates, and we hear from teachers that it serves as a great hook! When you watch the video as a class for the first time, ask students to stand or raise their hand when they hear a key term they know.

Jigsaw the Lyric Notes The informational text in the Lyric Notes provides in-depth historical information; some teachers use these passages to replace text book reading. Divide the Lyric Notes among your students, and have them teach historical information to one another.

Lyrical Timeline Set aside space on the wall of a classroom to create a timeline for your history course with an area for each historical period. Have students write their favorite lyrics from songs in that time period's section.

They can print out characters they like from videos, or illustrate key concepts from that time period. Regularly review a few lyrics and key facts from the time period throughout the year. Connect Social Studies to ELA In addition to social studies videos, you have access to our entire library of language arts resources.

Whether you're tackling the main idea of a reading passage or planning an end-of-year research project, explore Flocabulary's ELA videos to help build core literacy and writing skills across the curriculum. Flocabulary creates a new current events video called The Week in Rap each Friday.

Explore The Week in Rap, and make time for it in your class each week. End of Year Review At the end of the school year, review for final exams or state tests by watching all the Flocabulary videos you covered throughout the year.

The Fill-in-the-Blank exercise that accompanies each video is an especially good way to review key terms. You could have one long video day, or show a video or two for review each day for two weeks at the end of the year.25 best ideas about social studies lesson plans on Find this Pin and more on Teacher Toolbox by Lara Worley.

This kind of lesson plan pretty much gives you a step-by-step of all grades it’s easy to see easy to use and you can ride anywhere. Guam District Level Lesson Plan Quarter 2 Content: Social Studies/Guam Hist.

Grade 2 social studies lesson plan

Grade/Course: 4th Timeline: 1 week 10/19//23/15 Standard(s): GDOE Standards: Discuss the difference between historical fact and opinion. Grade: Kindergarten Social Studies Unit Plan Theme: Native Americans and Pilgrims. Table of Contents Table of Contents Unique Learner 4 (Lesson 2 and 4) Competency Goal 4: The learner will explain celebrated holidays and special days in communities.

Emily Keefer nd2 Grade Social Studies Lesson Plan Unit Title: Connecting within our Community (Community and Local Government Unit) Big Ideas/Enduring Understandings. In this social studies lesson, students will learn how to work to improve their school, community, or environment.

Students will learn the definition of reducing, reusing, and recycling as well as understand the importance of each of them.

Grade 2 social studies lesson plan

Found in: 1st Grade • 2nd Grade • 3rd Grade • December • Social Studies • Visual Arts Winter Holidays Around the World Students will demonstrate an understanding of .

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