My greatest strength

This question is also an invitation to explain why you are the best-qualified candidate for this job. If you are typically a modest person or not accustomed to bragging about yourself, get over it, at least for your job interviews.

My greatest strength

What is your greatest strength? What are your strengths? Tell me the top three things you are best at.


What they are looking for With this question the interviewer is seeking to discover both your actual strengths and also what you believe to be your strengths. When they talk about strengths, they may be seeking any combination of knowledge, skills and personal attributes.

They may also be checking what they think are your strengths with what you think. If you tell of strengths without giving evidence, then if they think they are not strengths. On the other hand, this is an opportunity to change minds.

How to answer Whilst this is not a time to be shy, you should generally avoid excessive bragging. A neat way of answering this without appearing arrogant is to tell them in terms of what other people have told you.

I have been told several times that I am very good at influencing senior managers to get resources we need for projects.

At my last personal review, my manager told me that my written work is amongst the best in the company. Where you can, link the strength to actual things you have done and the value that you have created.

You can thus link strengths to successes.

Part 1: What Is Your Greatest Strength?

I have been consistently successful at delivering projects on time. I believe that a key element of this is my attention to detail. You can also focus on the prioritizing element of the question, talking about 'greatest'. In doing, so, of course, you can also talk about other strengths you have.

I have consistently out-sold the national sales benchmark and led my team to the President's award five times, but I think that my greatest strength is that I care about my customers. This is something that I believe you cannot fake and which is at the root of consistent success.

Some of the strengths that you might show include determination, pride in a job well done, teamwork, leadership, expert knowledge, working to deadlines, etc.Whenever I'm in a job interview today, when asked what my greatest strength is, I always choose the trait Ambitious. What the word means to me is "Having high expectations and the tenacity to stop.

"I have quite a few strengths (pause to think) probably my greatest strength is my reliability. Part of my reliability is consistently being there, I have a % .

Answering – What is your greatest strength. Respond with listing skill sets that are directly related to the job in question. Avoid personal characteristic strengths, such as values or attitudes. Instead, focus on those things you do well and are related to your area of expertise. What Is Your Greatest Strength?

My greatest strength

October 27, by quizsocial. We all have something we're good at, something that makes us special. What separates you from the crowd? What is your greatest strength? “My greatest professional strength is the ability to handle pressure and work under a tight deadline.

My greatest strength

In my last position I handled difficult projects on short notice for . My greatest strength is my belief in myself. I believe I can do anything if iI have confidence in is no word like impossible in my life.

Secondl,y my friendly nature and acceptance to the changes are my strength.

what is your greatest strength?