Politics of all quiet on the

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Politics of all quiet on the

Cancel By Modeste Schwartz. Europe — Drawing straightforward conclusions from a materialist vision ofa humanity which anthropology, incidentally, largely deniesMarx bequeathed us a model of political thinking according to which, after entering modernity, class identity would be the only collective membership likely to trigger political action.

This aberrant anthropology, however, has become reality at the centre of the capitalist system, in that Western world where the retired people of the Latin countries of Europe sacrifice the future of their own children to keep the euro; where these children generally have no children themselves which will save them the trouble of having to sacrifice them ; and where women — between two metoo outings — are waving colourful pro-migrant signs to welcome an army of young and virile founders of single-parent families.

Indeed, up to the present day, Marxist anthropology does not apply well to the periphery — be it Latin America or post-Communist Europe: Of course, one can doubt the sincerity of the Romanian MEPs known for their extreme sensitivity to the lobbying arguments of George Soros and others when they vote in favour of a Sargentini report which, very soon, might well be copy-pasted to condemn their own government.

The point is that MM. Vilimsky and Bullmann, even if we do credit them with some degree of sincerity in their respective political options reflecting their role as representatives of opposing classes in the societies of the colonial metropolisreveal in their political practice e.

In Germany the European colonial centre, if anythis duplicity is also enshrined in law, which subordinates the external activity of the very influential German political foundations Friedrich Adenauer, close to the CDU; Friedrich Ebert, close to the SPD; and Rosa Luxemburg, close to Die Linke to the paternal supervision of the German state diplomacy Aussenamt Deutschland: Is this ignorance sincere?

One would need to be quite clever to tell, such as to be able to read the face of such a world-class poker player. In any case, the denial of the facts is stinging: Hic Rhodus, hic salta!The main story is a CNN article from three days ago about Chrissy Teigan, followed by gun control pieces by the Chicago Sun-Times, and the New York Times but that is hardly news.

Today, gun control is eerily quiet in the media.

Politics of all quiet on the

This comes as somewhat of a surprise. All Quiet on the Western Front indeed carried many political implications that may or may not have been intended by Remarque. A recurring theme throughout the book is the danger and even hypocrisy often caused by blind nationalism.

The common thread running through the films Saving Private Ryan, All Quiet on the Western Front, Full Metal Jacket, and Apocalypse Now is that of The personal struggles of the people caught up in war. User posted a question The social, political, cultural notions of war in the book "All Quiet on the Western Front"?

Politics of all quiet on the

In what way does Remarque challenge the social, cultural, political notions of war in "All Quiet on the Western Front", in the first 4 chapters.

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