Robert frost troubled romantic essay

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Robert frost troubled romantic essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. This poem focuses on three main symbols in a persons life represented by apples, filled and unfilled barrels and the ladder of life or love.

The poem explains how during certain points in your life you realize you grew up. The poem explains how one feels when looking back on their life at the things they did and wished they had not or had not and wished they had.

In the poem After Apple Picking, Robert Frost uses a lot of symbolism such as apples, which could very possibly represent many different people or objects in life, he also talks about climbing a ladder which may could be his life, and filled and unfilled barrels that could very well be missed opportunities or dreams that the speaker made come true.

In life you have to pick and choose who you become friends with, and there are times when the higher you climb on the ladder of life, you have to drop some of those friends, just as an apple picker has to drop the bad apples.

You learn to focus only on the good apples which represent the friends you know will be by your side through the good and the bad. In life you will have friends who at some point, though sadly, end up turning on you and stabbing you in the back.

You then decide that you are perfectly capable of living your life without that person so you drop that friend. The both of you will come away from the situation slightly bruised, and you both should have learned something during that friendship.

Robert frost troubled romantic essay

Hopefully facing that bump in the road has built you into a stronger and better person. The bad friends have helped turn you into a pretty amazing person just as the bad bruised apples have made delicious apple cider.

By this point she is no longer searching for friends but embracing the ones who have came and never left her side and is working towards building a stronger bond with them.

Women too often only look at the outside of a person, the physical appearance and their class status and if they do not like it then they move on. After making that decision, they do not take the time to peel away the layers and truly see who the person is- they automatically toss them to the bad apple pile.

When the speaker states that she is done apple picking, she could simply mean that she has finally found her soulmate, her other half, or she has gotten tired of searching and she is giving fate a chance. Frost also talks about making decisions in this poem and these decisions can be represented by the filled and unfilled barrels at the bottom of his ladder.

By her saying that there was a barrel she did not fill may simply mean that she missed out on an opportunity due to lack of money, education or the presence of fear.

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She has other barrels that are full which represent the decisions she made that had a good outcome, or the fight she went through to get something she wanted with an overwhelming passion.

One of the barrels that she may not have filled was being able to have a family. Maybe she never married and settled down and tried to conceive or she just simply was unable to conceive.

She is nearing the end of her ladder and as shes looking back, she is remembering the good and bad things that she has endured during her time here on Earth. The latter represented her life she has lived, the things she has changed, lives she has touched, people she has or has not brought into this world etc.

The barrels mainly representing the things she most likely is sadden by because she did not have the chance or skipped out on the chance to fill. This poem is open to many possibilities and thousands of interpretations.

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”After Apple Picking” by Robert Frost Essay Sample In the wonderful work of Robert Frost titled After Apple Picking, Frost leaves the interpretations of this poem wide open. This poem focuses on three main symbols in a persons life represented by apples, filled and unfilled barrels and the ladder of life or love.

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