Should employers monitor internet usage essay

Share on Facebook Through the Internet, people can escape from their humdrum realities and explore faraway places, flirt and chat with friends. They can access their bank accounts, pay their bills and go on shopping sprees. They can listen to music, watch movies and catch up on the latest news. Best of all, they can do it without ever leaving their chairs.

Should employers monitor internet usage essay

Introduction With the modern technology evolution, employee monitoring has become a controversial in the world in last era.

After this development, it has changed the traditional way of the work and the way of the employee management. Misusing of Company property, low productivity, attacks, robberies, violence, workplace mishaps are the main reasons for this Monitoring case.

According to this, the increased risks and enhanced tools have caused in increased use of surveillance and monitoring and an increase in the pressure between the employee privacy and management rights of the employers.

Every employer of a company or an organization monitors the activities and behavior of their employees in their workplace. And every employee should accept this monitoring case about Professional, Ethical and Privacy issues in their workplace.

The privacy of the employee has become a debatable issue of Human Resource management field as the employer has more technologies. Computer terminals, GPS tracking, voice mail and monitor telephones are some of the available technologies. In Office of Technology Assessment,p.

Through the use of this employee monitoring technologies, the company management is able to know whether their employees are given their work hours for the company or whether they are doing something else.

This technology includes the use of software that will allow the employers to know the websites being accessed by the employee too.

And it may include use of the cameras also. So the employer may be able to observe the every activity of their employees. Mostly, the employees dislike to be monitoring and consider this as a hateful act that they even consider as a violation of their most precious rights and liberties.

They feel it like less freedom at the workplace and the employers are involving their lives much more it is violates their right to privacy. However, employee monitoring in workplace is not simply a restriction of the liberties and rights of the employees.

But its purpose is to ensure that the interest of the employer is protected against any and all behaviors of the employee during their work hours.

Cause they have a right to know it. Privacy at the workplace Privacy, yes it is very important to every human being. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

Now employers are concerned with internet abuse and they are finding themselves in the highly controversial position of wanting to monitor internet use. There are three reasons why employers should monitor internet use: cyberslacking, legal liability issues, and bandwidth costs. ECPA prohibits employers from intercepting e-mails, telephone calls, and faxes. But despite the general prohibitions of the ECPA, employers may generally monitor email and internet usage if the employee has consented to the monitoring. Now employers are concerned with internet abuse and they are finding themselves in the highly controversial position of wanting to monitor internet use. There are three reasons why employers should monitor internet use: cyberslacking, legal liability issues, and bandwidth costs.

According to the requirements of the employers are develops their policies for employees. It is always depends on their requirements of their business, Information type and Communication methods etc. Those privacy issues are highly giving complete exactitude than other things where the core operations of the business are directly related to the personal information of employees and customers.

In the workplace, implemented the uses of Communication and Information technologies and privacy issues and in practice are organizational oriented and highly restricted that tightened the employees to use all the resources only for official use.

To make those privacy issues in practical, there are highly dedicated server in place that strictly keep monitors each and every activity that does on the workplaces, that server has the highly dedicated and updated firewall that only give access to those websites and applications that are approved by the information security personnel.

So they are not able to use public emails and internet for personal use such as social networks; Facebook, twitter. Reasons for Monitoring and Surveillance a.

Employee or Customer Safety Increasingly, attacks, robberies, violence, workplace mishaps, other workplace safety issues, and associated liabilities and damages provide motivation for employers to monitor the workplace. Such systems can identify emergencies and guide response teams through a step-by-step emergency response.

Deterrence, responsiveness and enhancing the ability to investigate are common objectives for use of monitoring measures. Workplace Liability and Investigations Potential legal liability resulting from employee computer misuse or misconduct is often a motive for employee monitoring.Employers monitor email accounts and company computers mainly for two reasons.

Reason one is that they don’t want their employees wasting company time for personal use. In most places, that is considered a very good reason, because if an employee is using company time for personal things, then work isn’t being done.

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Do you monitor your employees' internet use? There are pros and cons. However, the cons outweigh the pros of electronic surveillance of employees. employers should take advantage of monitoring and blocking technology to battle people problems-including the accidental and intentional misuse of computer systems and other electronic resources.".

Therefore, employers have the right to monitor the use of their property to gauge productivity and guard against illegal activities. "Ethical Issues & . Should Companies Monitor Their Employees' Social Media?

Updated Oct. 22, p.m.

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ET But should employers be looking into that window? It's becoming an increasingly important question. Should Corporations Monitor Employees Computer Activity Information Technology Essay. Print Reference this Employers have used monitoring of employees work to verify the work quality of their employees as a basis for reward or punishment.

Emails, telephone conversations, voicemail, Internet usage, and video monitoring are all .

Should employers monitor internet usage essay

Employer's Rights to Monitor Employees' Email & Internet Use. by John Machay. Related Articles.

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increasingly employers are considering monitoring their workers’ Internet and email activity. an employer has every right to monitor employees’ Internet activity. Although the Fourth Amendment protects U.S. citizens from unreasonable.

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