Thank you maam essay prompt

It had a long strap, and she carried it slung across her shoulder. The strap broke with the single tug the boy gave it from behind.

Thank you maam essay prompt

Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases based on grade 7 reading and content, choosing flexibly from a range of strategies.

Shrinking Dictionary Definitions Oh Dictionary, Oh Dictionary It's critical for students to use dictionaries as a resource, but it is equally important to teach students how to use a dictionary.

Thank you maam essay prompt

Go read the reflection. I'll be using the word dictionary to refer to a collection of words and their meanings, whether that collection is digital or on paper. Yes, most students understand the basics of using guide words to find the unfamiliar word, finding the part of speech, and writing down the definition.

However, that's not good enough. Students also need to know what to do when there is a word with multiple definitions.

They need to know what to do when a definition uses a word that they don't understand. Perhaps most importantly, they need to understand the dictionary definitions, to make the definitions theirs so they can truly acquire, not just memorize, definitions.

That's what this strategy is all about--using cooperative jigsaw groups to not only copy the definitions of new words,but to truly acquire new words.

Thank you maam essay prompt

Students are using the website Wordnik to acquire the meaning of their new words. I like Wordnik because it compiles definitions from multiple sources, sometimes includes word origins, and has examples of the word being used.

I'm sorry, Dictionary, I'm sorry. The picture below shows you what students would see if they looked up the word stoop. The screencap I took doesn't show the meaning of steps, but it's there. Since this is the second time students have used this definition shrinking strategy, I didn't explicitly model the process with these words.

I reviewed the process of shrinking definitions with one of the more difficult words from Gary Soto's "Seventh Grade," catechism. Reviewing the process took about 90 seconds, but struggling students, students with disabilities, and English language learners will need additional modeling of course.

I divided students into nine groups, one group for each word.

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Each group was randomly assigned one of the vocabulary words and were required to complete the shrinking process. The goal is to end up with a definition that is two to six words long. Most words could easily be shrunk by students. However, the meaning of half-nelson is quite difficult to shrink to only six words and students needed a bit of extra help to visualize the mechanics of what a half-nelson is.

This word is critical to understanding the action of "Thank You, M'am" because Mrs.

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Jones puts Roger in a half-nelson and drags him to her home. Students used dry erase boards to show their work, which you can see in the next section for the vocabulary presentations.

Vocabulary Sheet with Ratings. While the group was presenting, all the other students wrote the word, part of speech, and definition on their vocabulary tabs. You could also do this part as a carousel, and I plan doing that variation the next time we do vocabulary.

I use the elements from the Frayer model, but adapted to vocabulary tabs. It's the same format I used for the "Seventh Grade" vocabulary tabs, and I've uploaded it here. Students had already written the words and their initial ratings of the words yesterday.

That way when students took turns presenting their definitions, all the groups had to do was share their definition so students could write it down.Hi, thank you so much for the sample answers from Hong Kong! So this is constantly on my mind, not sure if someone asked this already.

(Sorry but there’s just too many enthusiastic people out here!). 4. Cuts her hair short. Like gaining weight, cutting her hair signals bigger problems. I’m a firm believer that the short haircut in women is a political statement. By willfully removing one of the clearest cues of femininity, she’s shoving a huge middle finger at men, in general, and—if you happen to be in a relationship with her—at you, in particular.

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Amethyst initiative argument essay into the wild essay erwc english class. Read the book called Topdog/Underdog by Suzan-Lori Parks(I attached here)then follow Essay prompt below: English Essay #3 Prompt: Essay #3: Topdog/Underdog by Suzan-Lori Parks For Essay#3 you will choose and write on one of the five prompts below.

View Notes - Outline Thankyou C1 from GEN at Jinnah Institute of Management Sciences, Layyah. Thank you Mam by Langston Hughes Outline and Essay Prompt: Think about the following statement%(1). Prompt 1. In “Thank You, Ma’am,” Roger learned an important lesson.

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Think about a lesson YOU have learned. Write a short essay to compare and contrast the lesson you learned with the one Roger learned. Use examples from the story and from your own life for support. NOExit TicketTODAY. 11/6/

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