The primal teen

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The primal teen

Powell's Strauch, medical science and health editor at the New York Times, sets out to offer reassurance to parents baffled by their kids' seemingly irrational and erratic behavior.

The Indecisive

She discusses the latest research, including brain scans that show changes in the brain's structure and function that could explain the "crazy" behavior exhibited by teens. In addition to reviewing various research projects around the country, Strauch also includes discussions with both parents and teenagers.

Parents lament their inability to understand why a straight-A student suddenly loses interest in school or starts behaving miserably. The teens are surprisingly open about their often ill-advised behavior, but seem unable to offer reasons for such actions.

One possible explanation, still debated by scientists, is whether adolescence is a "critical brain period," that is, an important period of development. Particularly interesting is the chapter "Crazy by Design," in which Strauch offers evidence of the cognitive and emotional development of teens.

Just as there are growth spurts for babies and young children, there are developmental milestones for teens—roughly ages 11, 15 and For example, "While a younger teen might see a parent as a hypocrite if he holds two opposing views, an older teenager would begin to understand how two things can be true at the same time, and weigh the evidence for each.New York Times bestselling author Steve Alten's Meg: Primal Waters continues his thrilling action adventure series--the basis for the feature film The Meg, starring Jason Statham as Jonas Taylor..

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The primal teen

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