Tobacco control legislations in india

Adopted by the World Health Assembly init entered into force in The WHO FCTC was developed in response to the globalization of the tobacco epidemic and is an evidence-based treaty that reaffirms the right of all people to the highest standard of health. It aims to tackle some of the causes of that epidemic, including complex factors with cross-border effects, such as trade liberalization and direct foreign investment, tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship beyond national borders, and illicit trade in tobacco products. Under it, the Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products was adopted to address the increasing illegal trade in tobacco products in November

Tobacco control legislations in india

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Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

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India Details | Tobacco Control Laws

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Tobacco control legislations in india

Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) Implementation in India The Indian Act enactment preceded the adoption and enforcement of the FCTC Indian Legislation needs to be upscale to comply with the provisions of FCTC - Tax and price measures to be implemented to reduce tobacco consumption - Duty free sales to be tackled by Ministry of.

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The first legislation regarding tobacco in India was the Cigarettes (Regulation of Production, Supply and Distribution) Act, , which mandated specific statutory health warnings on cigarette packs in .

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