Topics for nonfiction essays for high school

He was born in Princeton, the son of the Princeton University athletic department's physician, Dr.

Topics for nonfiction essays for high school

My experience as a writer meeting the expectations of my workshop colleagues convinced me of the many benefits of writing within a collaborative environment. I wrote to the best of my ability because I did not want them to feel like I was wasting their time.

Every Thursday of the semester-long course, the students brought in nonfiction pieces. I provided some direction with each writing task: On successive Thursdays, we wrote satires-the first blunt, the second subtle.

Later in the course, we wrote op-ed pieces built upon a central analogy. The students fulfilled my hopes. I found myself to be less of a grader and more of a writing coach. Relishing this role, I even altered the school-required senior project so that it contributed to the writing community I was trying to build.

Instead of the mandated MLA-format research paper leading to a project, I had the students write magazine-length feature articles about their projects.

topics for nonfiction essays for high school

The students could pick any topic they wanted to pursue. Submitting the article became part of their project or the whole project. Acting as freelance journalists, my students became investigative reporters, and their research became authentic and primary, not bookish and secondary.

A third researched the history of the first plank road in upstate New York. These pieces, and the deep revision that the students practiced on them, confirmed my faith that my students had become writers and that addressing nonfiction writing through workshop techniques was the way to go.

Meredith is one of those students who makes you glad you became a teacher but at the same time makes you feel myopic because she so often sees farther and broader then her teachers do-this teacher anyway.

Her wonderful writing in my course and as a star student journalist in my newspaper program convinced me she was a gifted writer. But she saw beyond my objectives for her work: So in her senior project, she embarked on a noble experiment across the street at the middle school, where she hoped to inspire her own clientele of potential nonfiction-writing eighth-graders.

The article that follows provides proof that the writing workshop does more than produce better student writers; it can also produce literacy advocates who can see the far-reaching potential of razing the old hierarchies of our English classrooms in favor of true writing communities.

First hall, third door on the right. The last of the twelve students in her fifth-period class straggled in as the bell rang.

After they settled into their seats, Ms. Crockett introduced me, and then they were mine. I had come to talk with them about nonfiction writing; I left after four days with a renewed hope. The project was my idea. I had this concern about high school students: I would fall into that crowd, too, if we referred to essay writing.

Through the high school journalism staff and an AP language class, however, I was lucky enough to find a type of writing that hooked me: Though paradoxical by title, writing with the label of "creative nonfiction" made sense to me.

Whether you call it essay-writing without the rules and formality, or journalistic writing with a literary twist to it, creative nonfiction let me enjoy the act of writing without having to assume the intimidating title of essayist or poet or journalist.

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I could just write. In his book, Creative Nonfiction, Philip Gerard outlines five characteristics of this genre. He stipulates that creative nonfiction must have both an obvious subject and a deeper subject, an ironic sense of immediate timelessness, a narrative voice, a reflective tone, and well-crafted language.

Maybe I just liked the idea of creative nonfiction because of everything that it was not. It was not five paragraphs and three-part theses. It was not quote attributions and MLA format. It was not the beast that high school English classes had called the "formal essay" most often written about another piece of literature since the beginning of time.

Worried that yet another class of students would submit to the fear of the big bad E word "Essay" and turn its back on English classes as a whole, I was determined to give these students a taste of the good stuff early. Eighth grade-before these kids begin the intimidating study of genre-based literature, British literature, American literature, and the ominous AP literature.

Before teachers inure them with the tenets of overall structure and internal documentation. Before they mistakenly adopt the idea that English classes are boring and too restrictive.When the National Book Awards Longlist for Nonfiction was released this week with only one woman author out of 10 nominees (and only one person of color), I thought, wow, the jury (two of whom are women) must have completely missed the increasingly vociferous discussions over the past few years about the lack of gender equity in the literary world.

On behalf of the high school faculty and staff, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the OCS high school. OCS has enjoyed tremendous success for decades and has established many incredible traditions and legacies throughout the years.

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