Working class hero

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Working class hero

His mother later worked as a charwoman at a gas works. As a child, Dibnah was fascinated by the sights and sounds of industry and the dozens of chimney stacks visible around Burnden Park[5] and paid particular attention to the steeplejacks he saw on his way to school.

An inventive child, Dibnah and some friends designed a makeshift diving suit from a crisp tin, a car inner tube and some piping.

After being told to remove it from the local swimming bathsthey tested it in one of the lodges, but were unsuccessful.

The canal was by then largely disused the Bolton arm had been mostly closed in and Dibnah sometimes dredged it with an iron hook on a rope, for what he called 'plunder'. Much of this was stored in the back yard of his mother's house. Dibnah and his friend Alan Heap built a canoe from old bicycle wheels cut in half to make the ribsslate laths and a canvas sheet from the back of a lorry.

Much to the consternation of his mother, Dibnah sailed the boat along the nearby River Croal. I came home one day from work and there it was, sticking up in the sky.

The photographer came from the Evening News. People drove here on Sunday afternoons to stare at it. Everyone said our Fred was a lunatic. Betsy Dibnah [11] Dibnah had watched the activities of steeplejacks throughout his childhood, and witnessed his first chimney felling from his father's allotment near Bolton's greyhound track at Raikes Park.

The steeplejacks first removed the top of the chimney and then created a hole in its base, propped with blocks of wood. They then lit a fire, destroying the supports and causing the chimney to collapse. Unfortunately, on this occasion the chimney fell in the wrong direction, onto the greyhound track's dog kennels, a local cafe and a series of power cables.

He was asked to point a garden wall and then the gable end of the customer's house. He used several short ladders, lashed together with rope and hardboard. This gave Dibnah valuable experience and his employer expanded the business to include property repairs.

Working class hero

During the night he took two Union flags to the top and secured each to the lightning conductors there. The Bolton Evening News reported the incident, with a photograph of Dibnah's feat, but attributed it to the activities of students from Manchester University.

Working class hero

On one occasion, he was cleaning the flue using a sack of bricks tied to a rope when the sack ripped open, breaking several pipes and flooding his mother's kitchen. After the death of his mother, the house was sold and the council placed a preservation order on the chimney, which remains to this day.

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A working class hero is something to be. Photos. There's room at the top they are telling you still But first you must learn how to smile as you kill If you want to be like the folks on the hill A working class hero is something to be A working class hero is something to be.

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