Wpe essay

Read the quite short essay really carefully, and be sure that you appreciate the mission. Each simple analyzing has the language and terms that your school-informed scholar is anticipated to fnd out and know.

Wpe essay

English Placement Preparing for the Writing Proficiency Exam WPE Writing is a learned skill that composition and other writing-intensive classes help you cultivate through sustained practice.

There are also a number of resources to help you with WPE preparation: Read through the essays and notice common writing characteristics evident among those earning passing scores and those earning failing scores.

One of the writing consultants can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your response and discuss additional strategies for passing the WPE. Use these key words to help you focus as on important points in the article. This can help you remain focused on the ideas you are being asked to address instead of reacting to the content of the article itself.

Consider using the key words as the basis of an outline. For example, if you are being asked whether or not Cal Poly should Wpe essay students to take a GE course on personal finances to help them make better financial decisions, key words might include: You may then want to reference content from the article Wpe essay.

Remember that you are being asked to make an argument, so graders will be looking for a strong thesis statement early in your essay. Consider using your thesis to directly answer the question posed in the prompt. If you are unsure of what your stance should be, briefly outline arguments for both positions.

Wpe essay

Can you make a stronger argument for why Cal Poly should require a GE course on personal finances or for why there should not be a personal finance GE requirement? Take the position that will provide you with support for the stronger argument.

However, do not spend a lot of time setting up the counterargument. While the ability to refute an opposing viewpoint can help the development of your argument, too much discussion of why someone might disagree with you has to potential make you appear to waiver in your stance. Acknowledge the opposing view then tell your reader why it is wrong.

Identify the article you will be referencing by title and author early in your introduction. Do you address all parts of the prompt and demonstrate effective paragraph and whole-essay organization? Basic essay organization strategies apply here. Consider outlining your ideas before you begin writing.

This can give you a chance to put your argument in a more logical order and also gives you something to reference if you forget where you were going in your argument.

The topic sentences for each paragraph should do two things: Do you develop your controlling idea throughout the essay using specific and appropriate details presented in a logical manner?

Wpe essay

This section deals with how you support your claims. Many WPE prompts will ask you to discuss whether Cal Poly does or does not or should or should not do something. If this is the case, be sure to stay Cal Poly-centric as you develop your arguments because if your examples are too general, it may appear as if you are not adequately addressing the prompt.

In other words, toggle back and forth with examples from your own experience and examples from the reading to support your main points. Is your prose clear and mostly error-free? Is your tone appropriate for an academic audience?

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Writer's Resource Lab > The GWAR Placement Exam/Upcoming GPE Workshops > WPE Teaching Prompts WPE Teaching Prompts Writing . Continuing our series on the MPT, here's how to format an opinion letter on the MPT, based on the February MPT In re WPE Property Development, Inc.

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