Youngs and technologies essay

The technology has been growing rapidly for quite some time, and has now become an important part of life. The technology has its impact on people of all fields and ages. Yeah, it has impacts on children as well. As you know, everything has its positive and negative impacts.

Youngs and technologies essay

Youngs and technologies essay

Whether it be laptops, tablets, smartphones or other devices, technology is seen as a way to supplement or create learning opportunities and thus improve the educational outcomes of anyone that uses those solutions.

However, there are some minds that are less than optimistic about technology and its effect on the educated and education in general. Samuel Freedman and Maggie Jackson, just to name two, note that technology is the antithesis of an education panacea and rather creates a situation where students can become distracted or even uneducable.

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While technology can assist in education and should be used for the same, the means and methods that are used need to be carefully controlled or the technology in question will actually make things worse rather than better. Analysis As noted in the introduction, there is a lot of concurrence that technology is ultimately a benefit to education and its progress.

However, there is more than one corner of the academic and news media world that is a lot more caution and muted when it comes to this optimism. To be specific, there are those that assert that multi-tasking in general between technology and other things such as listening to classmates, listening to a teacher or other tasks actually takes away from learning and leads to children and situations that are not optimal if they are workable in the first place to learning.

Beyond that, students getting enamored, at home or at school, with technology uses that are not mundane to learning and education is also an issue. Gaming and streaming movies are just two examples of this. One of the voices that points to this potential or already-present problem is Samuel Freedman.

Inhe wrote an article that drove the point home rather strongly, especially when it comes to distractions from learning that should be entirely controllable. The article starts off by describing a situation where a teacher has a no-tolerance policy on cellular phones in his classroom but a student has apparently violated that rule.

There are then two huge curveballs that adds greatly to the story. First of all, the teacher seizes the phone and then proceeds to smash it with a hammer. The second curveball is that the "offending" student was in on the whole thing in advance and it was scripted to play out precisely that way.

Even with the theater involved, the professor was trying to make it clear that exterior or other technology-based distractions would not be allowed for in his classroom.

What is causing that teacher's concern and ensuing actions is not fiction. Indeed, Baby Boomers see cell phones and such as tools to be used. On the other hand, the young people of today see the same devices as social devices and entertainment.

As such, the propensity for the young to be using those devices when they should not be….How Technology Effects Children Essay; How Technology Effects Children Essay. Words 14 Pages. As our generations and technological world has vastly began to develop and expand rapidly, a repeated debate of whether technology use for young babies and children is beneficial or harmful to the physical and cognitive development of the.

The IELTS writing task 2 sample answer below has examiner comments and is band score 9. The topic of social media is common and this IELTS essay question was reported in the IELTS test. Five (5) believe that the utilization of Web 2. 0 technologies should be naturally included into the curriculum meaning that these tools should neither be constricted nor be pushed into utilization, rather it should be left to be incorporated into the curriculum all by itself.

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Recall the preschools you have visited and the DVD program you viewed last week that featured Robert Recio’s preschool classroom. Consider all that you have observed about how computers—combined with well-chosen software—can be a valuable resource for building early literacy skills.

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